Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my weekend in our nation's capitol

through a random set of circumstances your very own korean tom cruise was invited to lay down dj skills at a post-white-house-correspondent's-dinner party at the newly opened smithsonian newseum (nee smithsonian news museum as some of my DC friends pointed out). they gave dude a train ticket and a much-too-large-but-i'm-not-complaining corner suite at the intercontinental willard hotel. life is good sometimes.

i don't know a whole lot about the DC social scene but apparently the white house correspondent's dinner is a huge deal and takes place, logically enough, at the white house. people wear tuxes and eat a fancy meal and the president gets up and reminds the crowd that hey, crusty old white politicians can be funny too sometimes.

then everyone leaves with their wine-from-dinner buzz in full effect for the after parties, which is where the fun really happens. i was invited, along with a certain mr. pete wentz to dj the event. easier said then done when the crowd looks like this:

these people are NOT getting down to the new TI track so i had to keep it very white and 80's. big highlights included new kids on the block, madonna, and inxs. also, white people, like the guy below, love the song "she drives me crazy" by fine young cannibals.

i've been known to knock back a few adult beverages to get loose while i'm spinning but saturday night definitely called for a little extra imbibing since it was a little more difficult to get the crowd moving. i do like me some veuve.

pete came up and did his thing. we are bad photographers but the yellow tshirt is genius (honorable mention for the cardigan).

towards the end of the night, a nice drunk man handed us the following request:

can't argue with that one.

other things that went down that are not pictured include:
*pete wentz stage dive
*perez hilton actually looking classy
*met the newly crowned miss usa very briefly. she seemed like a sweet girl.
*rosario dawson and craig ferguson in da house
*lots of white people getting drunk

big props to the fine folks at capitol file magazine for taking care of me and inviting me to dj the shindig. hopefully we'll do it again next year...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

i made a muxtape

yup that's right. everyone else is doing it so i had to get mine. here's my muxtape. go listen to it before the major labels sue the pants off of them for not paying royalties.

Monday, April 14, 2008

the nerdiest/coolest thing ever

all hail the super genintari, possibly the greatest gaming console ever made (for those of us that grew up in the late 80's/early 90's). some guy made the thing himself and it only took him "several years" to finish. now you can play dr. mario on nes and nhlpa '93 hockey for genesis (possibly the greatest sports game of all time) all on the same machine!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

i know who didn't win the talent portion of the competition...

there really isn't much you need to say about this one but wow. thanks to pov for showing me this. i consider myself enlightened.