Sunday, May 18, 2008

dunk x wedding

to commemorate the beautiful wedding of my friends i had some buddies at nike help cook up these dunk hi's limited to 2 in the world (one for him, one for her).

royal purple, black, and white with contrast stitching with gum soles. the shoes alone are fresh but add lasering on the outside heel (pw in infinity on high font, as on ashlee's font, and the date of wedding) and these make for a very sentimental pair of dunks. (big big thanks to ashley "the tom" for doing the font layout for the laser). there's a cool inscription embroidered on the inside of each tongue but we'll keep those private.

congrats you two!

Monday, May 12, 2008

love chicago, hate chicago politics

it looks like all the attention from the blogosphere and the phone calls to aldermen in the city really made a difference and as a result, the ordinance is being tabled. that doesn't mean it's dead but now the city will hear out people's opinions from the entertainment community before trying to sneak some bogus legislation through. whew!

so it looks like the city of chicago is at it again, this time trying to pass legislation THIS WEDNESDAY MAY 14 that would effectively shut down DIY shows in small clubs across the city.

please take a few minutes to educate yourself about this ordinance by clicking here.

also, if you are a chicago resident i urge you to contact your alderman and voice your opposition. if you're not quite sure who to call visit this website and it will point you in the right direction.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

one of my favorite artists

here's a cool little video i found on hypebeast documenting the earlier works of KAWS. like a lot of the new breed of designers, he started out as a graffiti artist and has since become famous for designing toys, starting a clothing line called original fake, and collaborating on countless projects with the likes of bathing ape, nike, etc. etc. etc. i basically want to be this dude's friend.

Friday, May 9, 2008

it's springtime and you know what that means...

props to the BBC for calling attention to the one of the biggest upsides of the sunny springtime weather we've been enjoying in NYC.

but seriously, do they have any copy editors over there? surely there's at least one dude hired to add the letter "u" everytime the word "favorite" or "flavor" pops up in a story who can make sure they find a better word to describe this species of bird other than "tits"