Friday, July 11, 2008

new music from the faint

can i tell you how excited i am about a new record from the faint? THIS excited (stretching my arms out as far as i can). head over to their website to check out a new song called "the geeks were right"

in other news, i'm having a blast so far in LA. hung out all day on set at FNMTV and met some really great people. i'm going to be DJ'ing in their new backstage green room starting next week and i'm really excited about that. if you're ever able to sneak backstage you'll find me spinning my favorite jams and trying to get people to drink all the free booze. good times!

i had the unique fortune of driving around LA in joe t's smart car. in case you don't know, the smart car is europe's latest export. basically it's a golf cart with a roof and a tiny little engine that gets the thing going up around 60 MPH if you are brave enough to push it that far. me, i mostly got lost in beverly hills and drove around in circles listening to david banner. i got lots of funny looks from a-holes driving hummers so at least there's that...

also in the works is an august DJ residency in the san diego area. more to come on that later for all you people a few hours south of here...


Anonymous said...

We have those little things all over London. They are so odd. People look like they're in a cartoon, when they drive them.

Jamie said...

That's pretty intense, yo.
I've always kinda wanted a Smart Car.
But then I wondered.
What if I wanted to go camping... With more than one friend...
How would that work? x-x
You can't pack all that shit plus people in that small of a car. o-o
Can you? O_o

Pee Ess.
Joe T(rohman) drives a smart car? xPP
Pee Pee Ess.
I feel so Canadian from what I just wrote above... x)

EaRtHLoVePeAcE said...

People in Chicago have been driving smart cars like crazy!! At the local sweets store they have smart cars that people drive for advertisement, its a pretty great car. I dont want to sound like a mother or anything, but wear your seatbelt because if your in an accident its really unsafe because they kinda get crushed. better to be safe than sorry!!
This girl at my school Katie drives one and it was probably one of the best cars ive been in since the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Be Safe and Smart, no pun intended. Clearly I need to stop going to school. wow.