Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cnn: the confused news network

so i'm surfing good ole today to see what's going on in the world and came across this benign little story about mattel suing some other toy company over copyright infringement. something about barbie and bratz, yada yada...(click pictures on enlarge)

then you click to the page and cnn can't seem to make up their mind about whether mattel got $40 mil or $100 mil in the settlement. despite being asian i'm not the world's greatest math whiz but i do know that there's a huge fucking difference between $40 mil and $100 mil. $60 mil to be exact. is it too much to hire a retarded monkey intern to copy edit this garbage (no offense to retarded monkeys).

here's the kicker though, the image that accompanies the story is neither a picture of barbie nor a bratz toy but a fucking robot bug. this is about when my brain began to explode in utter disbelief. staffer: well boss, it's not barbie or a bratz but it IS a kind of toy. close enough right? editor: i don't know man, i'm too busy trolling tmz for some front page news stories. let's run with it!

seriously man, this is where a large contingent of our country's population gets its news from. can we at least get someone over there to give half a flying fuck???!!!

UPDATE: the actual amount of the settlement was $20 million. not 40 or 100. would be better off if it was being run by barbie, bratz, or even that stupid robot bug toy that looks like a crab.

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ACP said...

i just stumbled upon this and snorted with laughter?...out of laughter?... i should work at cnn.