Monday, January 5, 2009

you know what really sucks?

i hate when i come up with an idea that i think is genius, only to find out someone is already doing it or has done it.

i feel like i haven't gotten enough comments on this blog so i pose the question, what genius idea have you thought of, only to find out it's already been done?



ash said...

the internet.

irene said...

I hate that. I feel like I can never be original because everything I think of has already been thought up before.

x_kiwibird said...

Queen musical was my big let down.
I literally wrote this whole thing, and it was like Across The Universe, but Queen, and, it had already been done. Not spesifically, but still.
What about yours?
You got hypefail under yourbelt! :)

dj dan suh aka koreantomcruise said...

wasn't the queen musical called "we will rock you"?

i once came up with the genius idea to write a book of a series of interviews with people that have odd jobs (garbage man, paparazzi, etc. etc.) and found out someone already wrote a similar book called 'gig'.

i was kinda pissed but also excited that i got to read the book without doing any of the work.

Nicole said...

when i was little my uncle and i discussed having cough syrup in candy form and how much better it would be.
and now they have cough syrup in sucker form.

x_kiwibird said...

Yeah, I think so. It sounded really cool, but I'm in the middle of nowhere so I wouldn't have been able to just pop over to Vegas or Broadway to see it. Haha.

That book sounds really cool! I'll always remember this poem called, "always be good to the pizza delivery dude" or something. Good stuff.

Ever since I thought of the musical and then saw that someone else had the idea first, I give up on ideas I have now without realizing it, fearful of someone else already doing it, then I forget them. D:

Midwest said...

several beats to songs... said...

Medium, the TV show. Only I would have never cast Patricia Arquette. Her teeth just spook me.

Brian Diaz said...

I was recently making this joke about how buildings should be called "builts" because they're already built, and a building under construction should be called a "building"... etc.

Then I found out that Gallagher already had a routine about that. Fuck that guy. Go smash a watermelon or something. Joke stealer.

dj dan suh aka koreantomcruise said...

wow, beat to the proverbial punch by gallagher. what a bummer.

Brittie said...

I'm constantly thinking up things and then being told they already exist by friends.
Or at least... It happens enough to stick out in my mind.

I'm sure the spatula was one of them.
Damn bastards.

Anonymous said...

ahh so many things
-wind powered cars/energy generated from the wind of passing cars
-"all you need is love"-beatles, true story, when i was 10 i'd never heard the song, but i wrote out this big long song with "love is all you need" in the chorus, went to read it for my mom, and then got informed that john lennon had already claimed my great philosophical idea
-95% of chord progressions i've come up with, they are just all to close to an existing song
(that's the one side to the long history of music: practically all of the ideas are taken)
-the new polaroid zink, a year or two ago i was thinking that they should put mini printers inside cellphones etc.
-the iphone *sigh* i always wanted a portable youtube viewer ;P
and there are tons more i can't think of at the moment

p.s. for every one comment you get, i assure you there are 50-100 lurkers behind it
p.p.s. i'm sure wentz has sworn you to secrecy or something like that, so i'll ask a very low detail requiring question: the shenanigans- are they leading to something BIG?

Logan said...

Creativity is the new materialistic. It's not enough to have the coolest shit anymore. Everyone wants to create it.

esra said...

starbucks drivethru

Silviane Avila said...

nothing is new!!!

dj dan suh aka koreantomcruise said...

@sembem: no idea what the shenanigans are all about. the news must not filter all the way out to the pool house.

Jemima said...

high heels with retractable, telescopic heels. actaully, has this been done?
i probably shouldnt be sharing this on here, could make me millions!

the shenanigans are all the stuff with are you still a believer?/the god father part 4. was it just a build up to announcing the new tour or is there more to it? (i hope so, since its not coming to the uk)