Wednesday, March 19, 2008

and now i've seen it all

anyone who knows me knows about my affinity for all things r. kelly. this happens to include late-era isley brothers albums (starting with "eternal") and the "mr. biggs" alter ego that r. kelly created for ronald isley. you see, mr. biggs is a gangster, but old school. r. kelly is in love with mr. biggs' woman which starts with the song "down low" and has the story building over several isley brothers and r. kelly records finally resulting in "showdown" on r. kelly's seminal "chocolate factory" album.

somewhere in the middle of this mess appears the song "contagious" which finds mr. biggs returning home one day to find his lady in bed with none other than r. kelly. of course the ensuing music video is amazing but not nearly as amazing as the florda a&m university marching band performing the damn song at a halftime show. are you kidding me?

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