Friday, January 25, 2008

motley cruise day one (cont.)

i wrote this part of the blog last night but haven't been able to upload it til now...

tonight was endeverafter's first show on the boat. we loaded in gear for soundcheck, set up stage, etc. with the help of mario aka mikey aka princess pussybutt who is the roadie/butt of all jokes for the endeverafter camp:

we had a few hours to kill after that which was mostly spent dodging drunk hessiers that were on hour 11 of a marathon drinking binge. a lot of them resembled this guy:

the endeverafter show was great, although a few minutes late since the slaughter show was running behind due to "a few of the slaughter guys gone missing" whatever that means. they tore through all of their hits

and these guys were loving it

day two has been mostly chill as i opted out of the key west shore trip to sleep in and then sit on the pool deck for a few lazy cocktails...

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