Wednesday, January 30, 2008

motley cruise part two

it's a cruise to mexico but let's not forget where we're sailing from!

now might be a good time to mention that there was no costume contest on the cruise.

there was a sweet, all filipino cover band on the boat that eric and i decided to check out. what you have to understand is that they were doing perfect, note for note covers of everything from the bee gees to guns n' roses. guy with the red ibanez was shredding guitar solos! of course when they asked if there was a drummer in the house i had to make sure eric got up there.

the night eventually turned into a cover band free for all with michael from endeverafter getting up to play guitar with vince neil singing "livewire". definitely a highlight of the cruise...

...for this guy!

we decided to walk around cozumel for a bit and came across this amazing van with a plastic shopping bag for a gas cap. maybe it's one of those things that's just funnier in person.

we also got this sweet mexican cop to take some photos with the endeverafter guys. paging erik estrada...

this is kinda like the hessier version of when you go to six flags and the boyfriend and girlfriend are wearing matching outfits.

all in all the cruise was a great experience. met a lot of interesting people and had an amazing time with the endeverafter guys. thanks to alan koenig for taking care of us all weekend!

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