Thursday, January 24, 2008

motley cruise day one

first impressions from the motley cruise:

arrived in miami last night, crashed in hotel. woke up and drove to the port of miami with the endeverafter guys. no sooner than 5 minutes after pulling up to the curb, we encounter this sweet dude unloading his luggage:

easy on the sunglasses there captain! i know it's miami but we're not taking a cruise to the sun.

stood in line to check into the cruise and can't help but notice this hot little number:

we decided to cruise the decks a bit to check out the scenery and what have we here? cowboy hats made out of beer cartons? i know you crushed that 30 pack earlier brah but you didn't need to wear the packaging as evidence...

more to come soon. carnival charges $24 an hour for internet access so not as much "live" blogging as i'd hoped but the hits are sure to keep coming!

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